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Do you sit in front of your computer (or cell phone) for hours on end? If yes, you have probably discovered the havoc it plays on your upper back and neck. Unfortunately for most of us, this problem has gotten much worse with having to work from home, and sitting through endless ZOOM communications caused by COVID-19.

The poor ergonomics of working from home has left many of my patients suffering from pain caused by postural stress. Many of them are spending hours on their laptops, bent over coffee tables, sitting on couches, working on their beds etc. This awkward work environment is definitely an ideal formula for building upper back stress, increasing headaches, more neck pain and a host of other potential problems.

Rather than give a lecture about ergonomics, I would like to provide you with some exercises that could help counterbalance some of the problems caused by postural stress. I also included some videos about manual therapies at Kinetic Health that can help you recover from these stress-related injuries, and get you back to living pain-free.


The following exercises show you how to release the structures of your neck, shoulders, and arms. Try some of these exercises, several times per day, for best results.

PNF Neck Stretches

PNF neck stretches: PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is a type of stretching that works to increase flexibility, mobility, and overall range-of-motion. PNF is a progressive stretch technique that combines muscle contraction and relaxation. In this video we go through the four major movements of the neck and demonstrate how to increase your mobility and range-of-motion.

5 Great Daily Shoulder Mobilization Exercises

The shoulders frequently tighten up and become restricted, causing neck and back pain. Perform these shoulder mobilization exercises throughout your day for best results. These exercises can make a huge difference in your posture, especially if you have been sitting for a long period of time.

Pin & Stretch - Forearm Flexor Exercise

These great pin and stretch exercises release the structures of the forearm flexor muscles, as well as the nerves that pass through the forearm (radial, medial and ulnar). These exercises work really well for anyone who spends long hours on the computer, or who is working in un-ergonomic situations.


Sometimes exercise is not enough to resolve neck, shoulder and back pain. If you find yourself needing more help with releasing the tension you are experiencing in your upper back and neck, then you may need help from a professional. The following videos demonstrate some of the powerful and effective procedures we often use to relieve tension, remove restrictions, and get you back to a fully functional, pain-free body.

MSR Posterior Cervical Release - Part 1

The back of your neck, joints and tissue, become tight and restricted due to poor posture and bad ergonomics. In Part 1 of "Posterior Cervical Release" I demonstrate some of the highly effective Motion Specific Release procedures that we use to release restrictions in the posterior cervical region.

MSR 5 Point Shoulder Joint Mobilization - Part 1

When we think of the shoulder, we often think of it as being just one joint. In reality, we must address the needs of five different joints. Understanding the inter‐relationships between the structures in these five joints plays a critical role in successfully removing shoulder tension. In this video I demonstrate the very effective Motion Specific Release "5 Point Shoulder Joint Mobilization" protocol.

MSR Cervical Joint Mobilization

Neck tension is usually a result of both soft-tissue and joint restrictions. In this video Dr. Abelson demonstrates examples of Cervical Joint Mobilization procedures that we use to release neck tension. This is a gentle and effective way to remove those restrictions, especially for patients who would prefer an alternative to neck manipulation.


You don’t have to live with pain. Try the exercises we have provided for you. If you are still having a problems make an appointment with our incredible team at Kinetic Health in NW Calgary. Just scan the QR code with your phones camera and click the link, or call Kinetic Health at 403-241-3772 to make an appointment today!


Dr. Abelson believes in running an Evidence Based Practice (EBP). EBP's strive to adhere to the best research evidence available, while combining their clinical expertise with the specific values of each patient.

Dr. Abelson is the developer of Motion Specific Release (MSR) Treatment Systems. He has recently authored his 10th publication which will be available later this year.

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