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Conditions We Address

This page links you to articles we have written on the conditions we address at Kinetic Health. Each article outlines the condition and gives you important information on diagnosis, treatment, and exercise recommendations.  We will also provide you with video demonstrations of techniques we use and the exercises we prescribe to help treat your condition.

Ankle Injuries

Back Injuries

Elbow Injuries

Foot Injuries

Hand Injuries

Head Injuries

Hip Injuries

Knee Injuries

Leg Injuries

Neck Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Wrist Injuries

Expect & Receive The Best Possible Care

At Kinetic Health, we are proud of our high success rate in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and are even happier about the high level of patient satisfaction that we regularly achieve. 


Our comprehensive examination processes, ability to integrate multiple and effective treatment modalities, and our customized treatment and exercise plans ensure that every patient receives a high quality of care that addresses their specific needs.


We have great working relationships with the medical community across the city. You can expect your medical practitioner to receive clear summations of our examination findings with follow-up letters about our treatment results. This collaboration ensures your needs are met effectively.

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