Chiropractic Manipulation

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How does manipulation and mobilization work?

Manipulation and mobilization are used in the treatment of conditions related to mechanical-type problems in the joints and muscles of your body.

  • Manipulation is normally a hands-on procedure that restores normal movement by stretching tight muscles and loosening joints. Sometimes manipulation will act to restore normal movement by unlocking a joint or by breaking down adhesions.

  • Patients often hear a popping sound when a spinal joint is stretched a little beyond its normal range of motion.

  • Mobilization simply stretches soft-tissues by moving joints through a full range of movement. Mobilization can increase the range of motion of the arms, legs, and shoulders, but manipulation may be more effective in relieving pain and restoring normal movement in the spinal joints.

What Makes a Great Chiropractor

Chiropractic Techniques:

I cannot recommend any single technique as being better than another. In fact, I would be skeptical of anyone who claims their specific chiropractic technique is the perfect choice for everyone. Chiropractors are trained to use a wide variety of techniques, and can choose from numerous treatment methods for any one condition. Their selected treatment method can vary depending upon:

  • Patient response to treatment.

  • Patient requests for treatment (some patients prefer certain manipulation methods).

  • Patient age and overall health status.


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