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Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic Manipulation at Kinetic Health

Dr. Abelson DC. and Dr. Mylonas DC. Are Primary Contact Practitioners who bring over 45 years of combined chiropractic experience to address your needs.  You can expect both practitioners to:

  • Take the time needed to provide the highest level of musculoskeletal care possible.  

  • Get concise documentation, through examination procedures (orthopedic and neurological testing).

  • Be treated with a combination of integrated treatment methodologies

  • Receive specific treatment plans customized to address your needs.

  • Receive functional exercise recommendations that accelerate your healing.

Kinetic Health delivers Chiropractic care that is Evidence-Based and Patient Centred, with an emphasis on Interdisciplinary Collaboration. 

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Dr. Brian Abelson

Best-selling author, Dr. Brian Abelson, is the Clinical Director of Kinetic Health, an innovative health care facility that places a special focus on getting people back into an active, pain-free lifestyle.

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Dr. Evangelos Mylonas

Dr. Mylonas’ integrated treatment approach combines the latest in manipulative and soft-tissue therapies in conjunction with functional rehabilitative exercise protocols.

An Active Release (ART) practitioner since 2002 with over 10 years of clinical experience, Dr. Mylonas has had the privilege of treating patients in Canada as well as in Europe.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Care

The benefit of evidence-based care is that it is continually evolving. Chiropractic is a health discipline that is firmly grounded in science and endorsed highly by research in its ability to treatment musculoskeletal conditions.  Dr. Abelson DC. and Dr. Mylonas DC.  Primary focus is the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.  As skilful evidence-based practitioner’s they continually update and upgrade their practice procedures and integrate the results of new research into their treatment practices.

Shoulder Treatment
Patient Centered Care - It's Effective

Patient-centred care is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs, and values.  We ensure that our patient’s values guide all clinical decisions. In order to provide this type of care, we take the time needed to discover your specific needs and requirements.  Once our doctors obtain a good understanding of your needs and health objectives, they custom fit the type of treatment procedures they use to help you achieve those objectives.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Care

At Kinetic Health, you will have the benefit of accessing skilled practitioners, both within our clinic, and externally through our strong working relationships with other practitioners in the medical community. Every week, wen required we refer patients to specialized medical practitioners, while receiving referrals from members of the larger medical community who have confidence in our ability to effectively treat musculoskeletal conditions.  Our only primary focus is providing the highest quality of musculoskeletal conditions. Any condition that falls outside of that focus, will results in an appropriate medical referral to a specialist.


Collaborative Care occurs when multiple health care providers cooperate and communicate with each other, to ensure the best possible treatment for a patient. It is an interprofessional team of practitioners who work towards common goals of providing the best patient outcome. For example, a patient's pain may be so severe they cannot sleep, cannot tolerate therapy, or perform their supporting exercises. In such a case, an example of collaborative care would be the medical doctor providing a prescription of pain killers and anti-inflammatories, while we would provide the appropriate manual therapy and specific exercise protocols needed to achieve the desired goals. Interdisciplinary collaboration is one of the best ways to achieve optimum sustainable results.

Joint Manipulation/Mobilization at Kinetic Health

Improving joint mobility is critical when treating any MSK injury, and especially when addressing the body's full kinetic chain. In fact, if you don’t address restrictions in joint mobility, you will greatly reduce the effectiveness of any myofascial techniques


Your body’s capacity to produce an unlimited variety of movements requires good joint integrity. No joint ever works in isolation. For example, the stability of the shoulder is often affected by the joints of the neck (cervical spine) and thoracic spine, and even by the upper extremity joints of the elbow and wrist. An injury in one joint often creates abnormal compensations in both adjacent and distant joints, resulting in pain and dysfunction.


Research has shown us that when joints become immobile, as with injury or osteoarthritis, then they become subject to several physiological changes, which can cause considerable damage to the joint cartilage and surrounding soft tissue structures. 


Fortunately, Joint manipulation or mobilization can help address these issues. You will find that the pain caused by joint dysfunction is greatly reduced after joint manipulation/mobilization. Not only that, but joint mobility is often restored, with the progression of conditions such as osteoarthritis being greatly slowed.

Manipulation Versus Mobilization

We are very selective about when we recommend the use of Chiropractic manipulation,

and when we recommend general joint mobilization techniques. The combination of joint

procedures we recommend varies depending on each individual's needs. Both the spinal

and extremity joints often require a combination of procedures to resolve a musculoskeletal

condition. At Kinetic Health, we have developed, and apply very specific guidelines that guide

our use of joint procedures, based on the specific needs of the individual,  and upon the finding

of our extensive examination procedures. 


Adjustments Are Effective!

An adjustment is a non-invasive procedure that applies a precise, directed movement (thrust) to help relieve pain, restore range-of-motion, and improve function. Adjustments are a very safe, effective form of therapy that achieves excellent results, especially when combined with soft-tissue therapy and exercise.


That being said, we do NOT recommend adjustments for many of our patients. For example, if we find that a patient has a specific contraindication to adjusting, or fits into a particular risk category, we may recommend a combination of soft tissue treatment and osseous mobilization, instead of an adjustment.  Many patients are surprised to discover that we use adjustive procedures for less than 50% of our patients. 


Mobilization – The Adjustment Alternative

Joint mobilization is also a non-invasive procedure that can achieve excellent results. One of the major differences between a mobilization and an adjustment is that mobilization does not require a thrust to perform the procedures. Joint mobilization uses gliding, traction and mobility techniques to increase mobility within a joint.


Joint adjustments and mobilization act to relieve pain, restore range-of-motion and improve body function. Where adjustments are not appropriate, your practitioner may choose to use joint mobilization procedures. In cases of neck pain (cervical pain), we frequently choose neck mobilization procedures.


Watch this video to see Dr. Abelson performing a joint mobilization technique of the cervical spine.

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What Makes a Great Chiropractor

Chiropractic Techniques:

I cannot recommend any single technique as being better than another. In fact, I would be skeptical of anyone who claims their specific chiropractic technique is the perfect choice for everyone. Chiropractors are trained to use a wide variety of techniques, and can choose from numerous treatment methods for any one condition. Their selected treatment method can vary depending upon:

  • Patient response to treatment.

  • Patient requests for treatment (some patients prefer certain manipulation methods).

  • Patient age and overall health status.


Expect & Receive The Best Possible Care

At Kinetic Health, we are proud of our high success rate in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and are even happier about the high level of patient satisfaction that we regularly achieve. 


Our comprehensive examination processes, ability to integrate multiple and effective treatment modalities, and our customized treatment and exercise plans ensure that every patient receives a high quality of care that addresses their specific needs.


We have great working relationships with the medical community across the city. You can expect your medical practitioner to receive clear summations of our examination findings with follow-up letters about our treatment results. This collaboration ensures your needs are met effectively.

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