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Custom Orthotics

The Benefits of Orthotics

Kinetic Health offers 100% custom made orthotics, individually designed to meet your specific needs. We often prescribe orthotics to help address foot, knee, leg or back issues.  In addition, we prescribe occupational orthotics, and sports orthotics to support a wide range of activities.


  • Defects in materials or workmanship are guaranteed for 12 months.

  • Minor adjustments to your original prescription for fit, function or comfort will be made at no charge for 6 months.

  • All our custom-fit orthotics come with full money back guaranteed for 60 days.


Our Custom Fit 

Orthotics Process

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Insurance Coverage

& Cost Of Orthotics 

Gym Shoes

Types of Custom Fit Orthotics We Make

Our Custom Fit Orthotics Process

We start with a thorough biomechanical gait analysis on each and every patient that come to see us for orthotics. This step helps us to get the information that we need to custom design an orthotic that is just right for you. In addition, many insurance companies require this information before they will cover the cost of the Orthotics. 


Click on the image to the right to view an example of the biomechanical analysis form we use in making an assessment.  


  • After completing the biomechanical assessment, we will take a foam impression of your foot, in a non-weight bearing position. We do this by having you sit near the edge of chair with your knees and ankles bent to 90 degrees. We then lock our your subtalar joint and make an impression in a special foam casting material. We apply equal pressure to the fore-foot and heel to obtain the best impression for plaster casting. 


  • We ship the foam cast impression to Kiwi Orthotic Services (in Vancouver British Columbia) for fabrication.  Kiwi Orthotic Services is a professional Orthotics Laboratory.  The turnaround time for custom-fit orthotics is usually 10 days (barring mailing delays).


Our clinic will call you when we receive your custom-fabricated orthotics. You will also be given a Fabrication Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate provides information that your insurance company may require for reimbursement. (Click on the image to view a sample of the “Fabrication Certificate of Authenticity”.  

Custom Fit Process
Insurance Coverage & Cost of Orthotics 

Our custom orthotics are covered by most insurance plans, often for up to 80 to 100% of the cost. In addition, many insurance plans require a Fabrication Certificate of Authenticity and some require a biomechanical analysis. We encourage our patients to contact their insurance company and determine the level of coverage provided for their prescription footwear and foot orthotics.


At Kinetic Health, adult orthotics cost approximately $395. This cost does not include any additional charges for any special modification of the orthotics such as metatarsal pads, heel wells, heel cups, or posting.


Note:  Payment for orthotics are due at the time of initial appointment and includes biomechanical analysis and foam impression.

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Insurance Coverage & Cost of Orthotics

Custom Fit Orthotics We Produce 

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Sports Shoes



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Custom Fit Orthotics We Produce
Occupational Orthotics

Occupational Orthotics


Ortho Standing.png

These anti-fatigue orthotics provide durable support.  They are ideal for sport shoes that have a removable liner.  They contain an anti-fatigue cushion with a hindfoot stabilizer.


Ortho Industrial .png

These tough and durable orthotics are ideal for work boots. These orthotics have a tough polypropylene shell, hindfoot shock absorption, hind foot stabilizer, and genuine leather top cover.


Ortho Walking.png

These orthotics are ideal for walking shoes.   They are have a full-length neoprene cover for shock absorption,  with forefoot and heel strike cushioning.


Ortho Dress.png

These stylish and sleek orthotics are ideal for lace or slip-on dress shoes. These orthotics have a slim hourglass design, low profile heel cup, are made of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre, and have an Ultrasuede top cover.



Ortho Business Casual.png

This orthotic provides both style and comfort and is ideal for a laced leather shoe. It has a contoured arch, a stylish and smooth top-cover, and a heel stabilizer.


Ortho Heels.png

This orthotic provides support for fashion footwear. The ideal shoe will have a heel that is 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches in height. The Heels Orthotics has a anatomical cobra profile, forefoot cushioning, and a luxurious ultrasuede top-cover.

Sport Orthotics


Ortho Supportive Running.png

These orthotics are designed for running shoes. They are made from contoured polypropylene, have hindfoot and forefoot control, dynamic forefoot cushioning, and a full-length comfort top cover.



Ortho Performance Running.png

These orthotics are designed for minimalist shoes and racing flats. The contain a light and dynamic carbon fiber shell, rebound top-cover, maximum propulsion forefoot material, and feature a low profile heel.



Ortho General Sport.png

These orthotics are ideally placed in a cross-trainer or fitness shoes.  They contain a dynamic forefoot underlayer, have deep heel cup stability, a durable polypropylene shell, a shock absorbent full-length top-cover, and a hindfoot stabilizer.

Sport Orthotics


Ortho Cleated Footwear.png

These orthotics are ideal for soccer, football, baseball, and cycling shoes. They contain a low profile cut for improved fit, are made with light carbon fiber, have a sand and gravel protection layer, and have a full-length top cover.



Ortho Skate_Hockey.png

These orthotics are ideal for ice skates and in-line skates.  They have a low profile sculpted shell, carbon fiber shell, full-length perforated top-cover, pull-string for removal, and rivet protection.



Ortho Ski_Snowboard.png

These orthotics are ideal for a ski boot or a snowboard boot. They have a custom footbed, low profile soft shell, full-length top-cover, have heat retention material. They are used by the Canadian Olympian - Manuel Osbourne-Paradis.


Ortho Golf.png

These orthotics are ideal for golf shoes. They were developed by BC Golf Pros, have a slim design for optimal fit, have a lateral stability wall, have specific toe rotation points, and have a quick-dry moisture wicking top-cover.


Ortho Court.png

These orthotics are ideal for a court shoe.  These shoes are designed to keep your feet low to the ground for stability. They are ultra-light and have cushion impact.

Medical  Orthotics



Ortho Diabetes_Arthritis.png

These orthotics are designed for individuals who have either diabetes or arthritis.  They have two layers of protective cushioning, additional soft arch fill support, and a low friction top-cover for delicate skin.


Ortho Pes Planus.png

These orthotics provide maximum control and correction. They have custom arch support, heel re-alignment, and provide a high level of pronation control.

Medical Orthotics

In addition to these two medical orthotics that we mentioned we also prescribe orthotics for:


  • Back Pain

  • Bunions

  • Hammer toes

  • Heel Spurs

  • High arches

  • Plantar Fasciitis


Whether you need custom fit orthotics for work, sport, or for medical reasons, we can meet your needs.  At Kinetic Health, you can expect to receive a comprehensive biomechanical analysis and the advice you need to get the best solution for your needs.

Dr. Brian Abelson

Best-selling author, Dr. Brian Abelson, is the Clinical Director of Kinetic Health, an innovative health care facility that places a special focus on getting people back into an active, pain-free lifestyle.

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Dr. Evangelos Mylonas

Dr. Mylonas’ integrated treatment approach combines the latest in manipulative and soft-tissue therapies in conjunction with functional rehabilitative exercise protocols.

An Active Release (ART) practitioner since 2002 with over 10 years of clinical experience, Dr. Mylonas has had the privilege of treating patients in Canada as well as in Europe.

Expect & Receive The Best Possible Care

At Kinetic Health, we are proud of our high success rate in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and are even happier about the high level of patient satisfaction that we regularly achieve. 


Our comprehensive examination processes, ability to integrate multiple and effective treatment modalities, and our customized treatment and exercise plans ensure that every patient receives a high quality of care that addresses their specific needs.


We have great working relationships with the medical community across the city. You can expect your medical practitioner to receive clear summations of our examination findings with follow-up letters about our treatment results. This collaboration ensures your needs are met effectively.

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