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Myofascial Therapy


What Is Facia?

In the world of musculoskeletal medicine, fascia is the new golden child. Practitioners who integrate fascial procedures into their existing treatment modalities can often obtain amazing results. 


The prefix 'myo’' refers to muscle, while ‘fascia’ refers to the connective tissue that permeates the entire human body. Fascia is everywhere in the body, weaving through, and connecting every component of the body. Fascia forms a seamless web of connective tissue, which connects, holds, and infuses the tendons, organs, muscles, tissues, and skeletal structures.  Fascia plays a critical role in communication, in maintaining a memory of our body’s history and acting as both a tensional network and as a living matrix.


We Integrate Fascial Release


Dr. Abelson and Dr. Mylonas both have extensive training and experience in Fascial Release procedures. In fact, both doctors travelled to Italy for extensive training in fascial diagnostic and treatment procedures (Level One and Two) at the Stecco Medical institute.

This photo was taken at the Stecco Medical institute in Thiene Italy. The developer of Fascial Manipulation - Luigi Stecco - is fourth from the left.  Dr. Carla Orthopedic Surgeon and Professor of Human Anatomy is second from the left.  Antonio Stecco MD, PhD is on the far right beside Dr. Abelson. All three Steccos are leading authorities in the world of fascia.

FRC Berlin.jpg

The International Fascia Research Congress


In addition to his training in fascial manipulation, Dr. Abelson has been an active participant in the International Fascial Research Congress (FRC). The International Fascia Research Congress is a multidisciplinary consortium of leading science researchers and health care professionals, with a focus on the myofascial system. The FRC started in 2007 at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Abelson attended the most recent Fascial Congress in Berlin, Germany in 2018.

Image - This photo taken at the 2018 Fascial Research Congress in Berlin

Motion Specific Release Addresses Dysfunctional Myofasical Lines


Motion Specific Release (MSR) is a myofascial treatment system developed by Dr. Abelson that addresses the important problem of “Dysfunctional Myofascial Lines”.


When the fascia and its tensional network (the fascial web) is out-of-balance, the body often compensates by developing what we call ‘Dysfunctional Myofascial Lines’. This is when you have remodeling (thickening) of fascial tissue due to injuries, muscle imbalances, loading compensations, and stress. This remodeling can affect the function of all the structures that are connected to, or surrounded by, this fascia. 


​Every MSR procedure addresses restrictions in the myofascial system with the treatments also working through the larger kinetic chain of the dysfunctional myofascial line.  By using these MSR procedures we have been able to dramatically improve the effectiveness of our clinical results. Read Dr. Abelson article to learn more about our body’s incredible myofascial system.

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Read Dr. Abelson's article “Customizing Your Fascial Procedures is Critical to Success!”

To get a better understanding of why fascia is so important let us first consider the many roles of fascia. Fascia plays a critical role in communication, in maintaining a memory of our body’s history, and acting as both a tensional network and as a living matrix.

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Dr. Brian Abelson

Best-selling author, Dr. Brian Abelson, is the Clinical Director of Kinetic Health, an innovative health care facility that places a special focus on getting people back into an active, pain-free lifestyle.

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Dr. Evangelos Mylonas

Dr. Mylonas’ integrated treatment approach combines the latest in manipulative and soft-tissue therapies in conjunction with functional rehabilitative exercise protocols.

An Active Release (ART) practitioner since 2002 with over 10 years of clinical experience, Dr. Mylonas has had the privilege of treating patients in Canada as well as in Europe.

Expect & Receive The Best Possible Care

At Kinetic Health, we are proud of our high success rate in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and are even happier about the high level of patient satisfaction that we regularly achieve. 


Our comprehensive examination processes, ability to integrate multiple and effective treatment modalities, and our customized treatment and exercise plans ensure that every patient receives a high quality of care that addresses their specific needs.


We have great working relationships with the medical community across the city. You can expect your medical practitioner to receive clear summations of our examination findings with follow-up letters about our treatment results. This collaboration ensures your needs are met effectively.

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