Fascial Therapy

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Addressing Fascial Restrictions


There are numerous techniques that we use to address myofascial restrictions in the body.  Which techniques we use will depend on the specific case. We combine multiple techniques to achieve optimum results with each individual case. NO one technique address the needs of all individuals. 


Dr. Abelson and Dr. Mylonas both have extensive training Fascial Release procedures. In fact, both Dr’s travelled to Italy to be trained at the Stecco Medical institute to receive extensive training fascial diagnostic and treatment procedures (Level one and two).


In addition, Dr. Abelson has been an active participant in the International Fascial Research Congress (FRC). The International Fascia Research Congress is a multidisciplinary consortium of leading science researchers and health care professionals with a focus on the myofascial system. The FRC started in 2007 at Harvard Medical School, the most recent Congress was in Berlin Germany.

Motion Specific Release & Fascial Restrictions


Motion Specific Release (MSR) is the myofascial treatment system that Dr. Abelson developed and teaches with Dr. Mylonas (and MSR instructors) both locally and internationally. An important part of this treatment system is what we refer to as “Dysfunctional Fascial Lines”.


When the fascial and its tensional network (the fascial web) is out-of-balance, the body often compensates by developing what we call ‘dysfunctional myofascial lines’. This is when you have remodeling (thickening) of fascial tissue due to injuries, muscle imbalances, loading compensations, and stress.


​The treatment of “Dysfunctional Fascial Lines” are an important aspect of every MSR™ protocol. By addressing restrictions in fascia, we have been able to dramatically improve our clinical results.

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