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Experience the effectiveness of Chiropractic, Massage, Motion Specific Release, and Acupuncture in resolving your condition!

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We treat everything from headaches, to back pain, sports injuries to carpel tunnel, Explore our services and book today!


Why Choose Kinetic Health?


  • Received over 350+ five-star Google Reviews.

  • Renowned for exceptional care.

  • Providing over three decades of trusted clinical expertise.

  • Home of the pioneering Motion Specific Release method.

  • Practitioners are recipients of awards for clinical excellence.

Discover our Approach to Resolving Over 45 Musculoskeletal Conditions!


Experience our effective process featuring:

  • Precise Diagnosis.

  • Advanced MSK Treatments.

  • Personalized Functional Treatment & Exercise Plans.

  • Clear Recovery Timelines.

Resolve Your Health Issues Today...

Your Health

Working hard to take care of your health

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What People Say About Us

My name is Brittany Webster, I am a 2010 and 2014 Olympian for cross-country skiing, I am also a world champion in the Exeter-Triathlon.


 I developed Plantar Fasciitis about a year and a half ago. I went through a lot of treatment and a lot of specialists to try to find help for my foot, but nothing seems to do the trick until I saw Dr. Abelson. I started seeing him about a month and a half ago, and now I am happy to say that I am 90% better and  am back to running and for the first time in two years have faith that I might be able to compete in running again for the first time in a long time.


I am ecstatic and happy to recommend Dr. Abelson to anybody and I can’t say enough about him and kinetic health , the clinic is amazing, so definitely come here if you want to get treated, he will get you back on track!


—  Brittany Webster

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