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Research has proven that regularly scheduled Chiropractic Care is very effective for:

  • Decreasing the intensity, duration, and frequency of painful low back episodes.

  • Improving overall movement function for patients who suffer from chronic low back pain.

  • Improving the overall quality of patient lives.

In fact, Chiropractic Maintenance Care (CMC) is a recommended component of several well researched clinical practice guidelines. (1; 2) The evidence is clear that one of most beneficial aspects of Chiropractic Care is maintenance care.


When patients who suffer from chronic back pain receive care, at regularly pre-planned intervals, (Chiropractic Maintenance Care), then they do much better as compared to patients who only receive care during episodes of acute back pain.

Moreover, patients who receive Chiropractic Maintenance Care (CMC) have 30 + fewer days of activity-limiting pain each year. In addition, these people experience longer periods of time with no pain between episodes of back pain. (3) The measurable difference is about an additional 9.8 weeks per year of being in a pain-free state when compared to someone who only receives care when in an acute state of pain. (3) CMC can give you almost 2.5 extra months of being pain-free. This is enormously exciting news for many people suffering from Chronic Low Back Pain.

Maintenance care has two primary positive effects:

  • It helps patients manage and reduce persistent pain.

  • It helps prevent future episodes of back pain. (3; 4; 5)

Chiropractic Maintenance Care may not completely eliminate back pain (largely due to the repetition of pain-inducing activities such as poor ergonomics), but it will help you to stay out of pain longer throughout the year, and help to keep you more functional in your daily activities.


The frequency and type of maintenance care that we recommend for patients suffering from chronic low back pain is always specific to the patients. Many of our patients only require one appointment per month to achieve excellent results, while other patients may require an increased frequency to achieve optimum results. This is a conversation you should have with your practitioner at Kinetic Health to help set your optimum frequency.

In general, for most of our patients, Chiropractic Maintenance Care involves therapy that addresses both osseous (joint) and soft-tissue restrictions. Our practitioners also use these appointments to update your exercise recommendations to address your specific needs and to help to grow your strength and flexibility with new routines you can do at home. Call Kinetic Health at 403-241-3771 to make an appointment today!


Dr. Abelson believes in running an Evidence Based Practice (EBP). EBP's strive to adhere to the best research evidence available, while combining their clinical expertise with the specific values of each patient.

Dr. Abelson is the developer of Motion Specific Release (MSR) Treatment Systems. His clinical practice in is located in Calgary, Alberta (Kinetic Health). He has recently authored his 10th publication which will be available later this year.

Make an appointment with our incredible team at Kinetic Health in NW Calgary. Just scan the QR code with your phones camera and click the link, or call Kinetic Health at 403-241-3772 to make an appointment today!


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